My Name is Justin West

I have a Degree in Hotel Restaurant Management from Le Cordon Bleu @ California Culinary Academy with 20 Years Restaurant Experience as a Head Chef and GM.
10 Years as an Owner
Recipient of 2 Stars from LA Times as the Chef/Owner of Julienne in Santa Barbara


I have spent my entire life in a restaurant. My dad was a chef and I got my start in his kitchens when I was 11 years old. Since then I have worked in over 16 different establishments. I have seen high highs and I have seen low lows and I have learned a lot along the way.  


My goal is to help you improve your operation. I have seen it done several different ways over the last 26 years and I believe that I have developed a system that combines the best of what I have seen ranging from Rosewood Hotel Group level training materials to the smallest of Mom and Pop operations. There is a way to win within any operation and my goal is to help you find yours. 


I am a Chef by trade so I tend to look at most things with a back of the house mentality.  That being said, I have held General Manager positions which have put me in the front of the house so I know the difference and I can see both sides. Generally speaking though it is my belief that no matter how good the service is, if the food sucks, people won't come back. There is also a certain soul to cooking that needs to be nurtured. Food cost also makes up 20-40% of your operation too (depending on how good you are) so staying Food Focused is always a good idea. After all, it is a restaurant. 

Here is a LINK to my resume.


A restaurant owner should continue to learn every day. As trends change so does the industry so we are constantly evolving. Or at least that's the idea.


I know I can help you to create efficient systems that will make it easier to run your business. Send me an email and let's get the conversation started.

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