Start Up 

Our Start Up Package covers all aspects of getting you to opening day. Sometimes that process starts with weeding out the first 5 potential locations. How well do you know your numbers? My Pro Forma Service is the easiest way to find out if a location is Feasible. I call it my Feasibility Workbook. It can analyze an idea in minutes from a numbers standpoint. Within the Start Up Package framework I can assist in any of the following tasks:

- Creating a Pro Forma

- Concept Developement

- Point of Sale Selection

- Health Department Concerns

- Menu Developement

- Staffing

- Equipment Selection

- Vendor Selection 

Staff Training 

The Staff Training Package is intended to give you the materials you need to establish good rapport with your staff. Staff Training is a really important part of building trust with your staff. Your staff wants to feel confident in the job they do for you and it's your job to provide them with the materials they need to succeed. The guest experience will improve because of it. 

The Staff Training Package covers; 

- Staff Training - Creation of Detailed Job Descriptions

-Create a template for use in Job Ads - Recruiting  

- Create an Employee Manual that describes the culture of working at your establishment 

- Develop a Three Day Training Program

- Develop detailed food notes for your menu to give your staff the confidence they need to SELL!!

Cost Controls 

Controlling Cost is essential to making money in the restaurant business. So is a basic understanding of Hospitality Math. My systems are not only easy to use they are easy to implement. It's your money until you spend it. My cost control systems are designed to keep your money where you want it. In the bank, not on the shelf.

My Cost Controls Package covers:

- Hospitality Math

- Prime Cost

- Order Guides / Inventory Control Worksheets

- Vendor Selection / Purchasing

- Food & Beverage Cost

- Labor Control

Food and Menu

I am a Chef by Trade, of over 25 years. Everything I do is approached with a back of the house mentality. I have also had the good fortune of working with literally HUNDREDS of different Chefs, Cooks and Wanna-Be's over that time. I am never done learning, but I have an awful lot to share and teach. My Food and Menu Package assists in;

- Menu Development - Design - Layout - Menu Psychology 

- Recipe Development

- Food Styling

- Farmers Market Implementation 

- Basic Techniques

- Menu Mix 

- Prep Lists / Order Sheets / Inventory Control Systems 


Being an small business owner requires that I develop a wide range of skills. I manage Social Media in addition to create websites & you tube channels and I developed the Excel Worksheets that are all all over in my materials. My Social Package can assist in;


- Website Developement - Management

- Microsoft Tools 

- Adobe Tools

- Email Marketing List

- Social Media Management

- You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, Google

Retainer rates are also available. Please inquire. I want to be a continued resource for you.